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Monday, 18 March 2013

Getting the most out of your Easter weekend with children aged under-five

Traveling with children is never easy. As much as you love your kids, let’s face it: travelling with them can be a strain. It requires heavy organisation and the artillery of colourful and musical toys and sleeping accessories to keep them entertained and quiet. Even then, unexpected tantrums or accidents can cause deviations from your regimented plan and put a dampener on your holiday. If you are more relieved to get the kids’ home at the end of your holiday than you enjoy the holiday with them, you’ve got a problem. Rather than lock yourself away over the Easter weekend, finding ways to childproof your long weekend break is a much better way to approach the idea. And it’s not as hard as it seems. As long as you’ve got the flight and the accommodation covered (check offers from Superbreak here), the rest should be easy. 

Childproof the flight 

As mentioned earlier, organisation is key when planning a holiday with young children. Preselecting your seats on the plane is always a wise move, as rather than rushing for convenient seats when the gate opens, you’ll already know that you’re going to be sat together. Before you book anything, contact the airline and ask about their young traveller policy. Some airlines offer discount seats for young children and pre-boarding for families with babies. Also, check with the airline with regards to their seatbelts policies. Some airlines require you to bring your own, while others supply them. Make sure you’re stocked up on supplies. Bring more nappies than you expect to use, a change of clothes, zip-lock bags in case clothes get soiled, snacks to take on board, a plastic food container (for half-eaten food), baby wipes, and some form of amusement such as colouring books or an iPad. One more thing – to avoid ear pressure problems during the flight, have your child chew on a lolly or suck on a bottle during take-off and landing. 

 Childproof the hotel room 

 Young kids are notoriously good at stumbling across dangerous situations. When left to roam in a hotel room, there are numerous safety risks (sharp edges, electrical cords, balconies) which your child is sure to uncover before you’ve even realised they’re there. First, prior to arrival, request a crib for the room. Once you’ve checked in, have a quick look around the room for any obvious dangers – even under the bed, in case a stray pin or tablet has fallen there. Some parents like to bring their own safety aids, such as electrical outlet covers and toilet lid hatches, with them, while others are happy to make do with duct tape. Covering electrical outlets is one of the most important points to do. During your stay, keep the bathroom door closed, the balcony furniture on it well away from the edge and the door locked shut. If the room is tiled, make sure to keep the floors dry to avoid any accidental falls – for you and the kids. Also, keep an eye on the minibar and if you’re worried, ask the hotel to remove the alcohol from it, or hide it somewhere out of reach yourself.

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