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Sunday, 24 February 2013

One of my new blog

is 'Cuisine ala Haze' and I just created it yesterday 22nd Feb 2013. So pls feel free to take a visit and add it to your blog roll if possible. Or leave me a message at the chatterbox for link exchange. I surely get back to you ASAP. Other blogs I'll reveal soon as I'm currently waiting for the domain to be ready. Ah, just inspired that's why I came up with this idea adding even more blogs despite of my busy life. I have things going on at the moment so I seldom update all my blogs but I have promised to spare a little time as I can to post some updates. Now, it will be easier for me to send updates as I can actually blog via mobile which I think is really cool. I can post what I snap at anytime, anywhere. Isn't it convenient?

Anyway, I took the police car after they knocked on our door the other week, looking for a man with a big dog. And they looked surprised when I answer them that there is no such man living with us. I said, we are one family only - with my husband and kids who lived in this house. They replied, oh it's not a building of flats? I'm afraid 'Not' Sir, I exclaimed. So, that's their car parking outside our gate and thought of taking photo of it from the 2nd floor at our guest room while I was peeking at them through the window. That was funny!

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