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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thai Food prepared by a Friend

I felt so lucky having able to made friend with good cook. I don't know if this coincidence or pure luck as God knows how bad cook I am. Being a Pinoy I crave my native tongue dishes as well as Thai and Chinese.   Back in my country or particular city where I lived there was this best Thai restaurant in the mall that me and my husband used to go and one of their dishes that we order quite often were this Tom Yum soup with prawns with coconut milk and tom ka noodles? I'm not sure what is really called but it was just tasty and never find something like it here in UK until we dined in at Mai Thai in Wimbledon last month. Then of course having a Thai friend made all of my cravings come true. Last month she invited us over to her place and there she cooked all these lovely dishes that I didn't expect until I visit back to my country in Philippines. Below the the evidence and of course the carrot salad was all new to me. And again, I loved it!

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Diaper Days said...

Oh that looks so yummy, yung first pic is adidas ba yan girl? sarap nmn yan...I once invited to a friend Thai pero d ko kaya yung spice nila sa food ang hanghang as in hahaha..