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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The beauty of Dartmouth (Way back Wednesday - Summer 2013)

As I've always said, there are plenty of beautiful places to see around UK and we haven't even scratched the surface yet. Dartmouth is one of the beautiful town that lies within the South of Devon area. It has an amazing and most outstanding beauty of nature that I don't mind seeing again and again. I simply love cruising at the river dart. The first time I've been was on 2007 and was around during the Dartmouth Regatta. The same time last year, would you believe? We were never sure when is the exact date of the Dartmouth Regatta but we guess it is on at the end of the month of August. Well, it only means that it is more fun strolling around the town with more and  exciting things to see and more so, the abundant choices of food.  Here's a few of the chosen pictures that are worth sharing ;)...

at the best ice cream shop...Edward's Fudge Kitchen...surprise, surprise they opted the bubblegum flavour, lol.

the beautiful houses up in the hill was our view while we are on  the ferry... 

Naval Ship

my boy...

fam bam

with cuz H..

and yours truly xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Travelodge is a Clean, Fresh, Spacious & Excellent Hotel...

Couple weeks ago we traveled down South to attend an important event, a birthday party. We went there Thursday and stayed at my in-laws for couple of nights and then on Saturday night we decided to stay at the Travelodge Gatwick Central for the first time. We normally stay at the other hotel around the area but Travelodge was closer to where my friends lived and we are also keen to see how this newly renovated hotel looks like. It was a Renaissance Hotel before Travelodge bought it. As a family of 5, we were given 2 family rooms. As to my surprised it was bigger than the previous family rooms we stayed in before. Also, it is so clean, fresh and so neatly decorated. What I love the most is the room layout where the bathroom is placed more privately. I just loved it! I honestly think this hotel has shoot up its standard. The rooms space & the room view (where our rooms are anyway) were pleasant and we had a very well-rested night. It is an excellent hotel or transit hotel for the value of money. What more is, it is close to the biggest Tesco supermarket in the UK, 10 minutes to county oak where there are shopping stores you can wander around and most of all it is only 5 minutes to the Gatwick airport. I think Travelodge did an awesome job of offering this awesome, spacious & well laid out family rooms. I personally rate them '☆'...

my daughter really enjoy the night and gave it ☆.

I love how spacious the lobby is...

and how freshly it smell all the way to our room...

So spacious...

very clean and fresh bathroom
    plenty of room to put all the suitcases
a must-have space for every family rooms

I also love this desk right here...

at the lovely spacious breakfast hall

Entertaining area

good breakfast for the value of money

Entertaining area

I love the colours

front desk

clean and spacious


overall was excellent..

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Busy month is here...

Busy days here and really booked for parties every weekend. I really thought of finding excuses not to go but was not quick enough to think of one. We managed to turn down few invites because we just couldn't fit it in our diary. Plus the husband and I are going to be busy this month. He'll be away most of the days before the holidays and I'll be organising and unpacking boxes in the new place at the same time doing a school run. If things are as easy as finding print shop websites, we wouldn't panic. But it doesn't seem to work that way. If I could wish one thing, it would be a magic wand. Indeed!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Summer is missed!

Who never missed summer? Well, I'm not those person as I love summer the most. Especially when you like in a country where summer days are pretty limited. Not the days but the good sunshine or a warm weather to sunbathe and enjoy relaxing in the beach. This year summer weather was phenomenal that I was able to enjoy myself almost the entire season, spoiled with sunshine. I missed it already and I'm really hoping next year's summer days are just as awesome. Here's few pics from our summer adventure at Lyme Regis. It seems a popular beach for holiday-makers as you can see the below picture. I've never seen a beach as packed like this.

Drug Addiction rapid treatment

While I was browsing through this late in the night I accidentally came across to this addiction to opiates thingy. Not exactly sure what this is all about but it sounds dangerous to me. If you happen to know someone might be suffering such thing then I suggest you'll consult a Doctor. Don't wait the time when it's too late for help already. It can damage the brain if you leave too long.  Seek an advice from professionals to help your love ones or friends get back to their normal life. I know that rapid detox will help flush away drugs in the system . There are all sorts of programs about it. So, we either act now or regret later! 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dinosaurland Fossil & Museum

A little bit of break in between our beach trips was to go to this Dinosaurland Fossil and Museum that were located just literally 5 minute walk from the Lyme Regis esplanade just so the kids will not get too much dose of salt water from soaking at the beach almost every day. Not that they complain but it can get a bit boring for them really. We just want to make sure they have the best and  the most fun memories of summertime to carry on throughout the year. I think this summer is by far the best, weather wise. Here's some photo to peek at the Dinosaurland taken from my iPhone...
I can assure you the kids will thoroughly enjoy the visit. It's educationally interesting! xxxx